IBD Clichés

A while ago I was asked to come up with a list of things that you shouldn’t say to someone with IBD. I turned to SoMe and asked fellow Crohn’s and UC patients what sort of crass remarks they had been subject to (together with a few explanatory comments in italics).

Here’s the list. I’ve grouped it into categories. I’m sure many of these will ring a bell…….

What’s you favourite? I’ve marked mine in red text

Category Remark
Cured Oh I knew somone who had that. I’ll ask how they got rid of it .
Cured So, are you all better now then?
Diet You should stop eating bread/dairy/processed foods then you’ll feel fine
Diet Stop eating takeaways and you’ll be fine
Diet Can’t you just change your diet? Or eat lots of fruit and veg as they are ‘good’ for you
Diet It can be cured through diet
Diet Just eat fruit and veg
Diet Have you tried aloe Vera/juice plus etc
Diet All you need is a good multi vitamin and exercise
Diet Juice plus can cure that
Diet You just need to eat better and you’ll be fine
Diet Have you tried gluten free that will cure you
Diet My aunt was cured from terminal cancer by eating cabbage only (glutenfree/dairyfree/no aspartame/aloe vera etc) You should try it!
Diet Besides BAM, I have gastroparesis. I am 5′ 6″ and 115 pounds and thin. I don’t gain weight but also have trouble eating. People tell me to eat a cheeseburger or how lucky I am to not have to diet. I sure don’t feel lucky.
Diet Maybe you should try cutting out “A / B & C” from your diet and then you’ll be fine
Diet If you start eating “X, Y & Z” it’ll make it go away.
Don’t understand Well aren’t you well now you have had surgery, its gone hasnt it??  If only heh?
Don’t understand When you can’t fulfill a plan and hear “You were fine yesterday”. When in reality you weren’t ever fine 
Don’t understand You can’t be that ill, you were ok yesterday’
Don’t Understand Oh you are still ill? Some people dont understand what chronic means!!
Don’t Understand You need to take better care of yourself
Don’t Understand So what are the doctors doing to get you better. There must be something to cure it. B
Don’t Understand I was asked by my 2 sisters who are Nurses was it something I made up !!!!
Don’t Understand It’s caused by getting upset? Try not getting upset then you’ll be fine. Employment Agency.
Drugs Once you pop some pills you will be ok
Drugs I swear you’re always ill, maybe you should stop taking all that medication’
Fatigue Take a 20 minute nap ….. you won’t be tired then!
Fatigue You’re not tired your lazy, you’d feel better if you did more exercise
Fatigue Why are you so tired! X
Fatigue Other people get tired and they just have to get on with it
Misc Oh a friend of mine had something like that
God God cured me of crohns and he’ll heal you too if you ask
I Know How You Feel I go quite alot when I have (certain food item) too, so I know how you feel
I Know How You Feel “I know how you feel” – you don’t
I Know How You Feel I get that sometimes
IBS Oh it’s the same as IBS isn’t it
IBS I’ve got IBS, completely know how you feel
IBS Yes I completely understand your pain I have IBS
IBS I’ve had IBS too. You just need to eat lots of fibre
IBS I understand, I have IBS
IBS Oh I know how you feel I have IBS (a nurse said this to me)
IBS It’s your diet! I have IBS too
IBS I understand, I have IBS… I have BAM and Crohns…. So no, you don’t.
IBS “I have IBS I understand”. Or, when you explain what you have and they say “oh just like IBS”
IBS So basically it’s just IBS
Misc Is there any point asking you to come out, you always cancel anyway
Misc You’d be better to have it all taken out and have a stoma
WC What took you so long in the toilet
WC That toilet is only for the disabled.
WC What are you doing in there. ?????
WC Do you just shit all the time then?
WC The one I’ve got the most is “does that mean you shit yourself all the time?” Or whenever there is a bad smell being asked if it was me
Weight Shouldn’t you be able to lose weight fast then
Weight Wish I could eat as much as you…..often said to me as I need 4000 calories a day just to maintain my weight
Weight I get ‘you’re so lucky to eat and not put weight on’ because I love looking like a walking skeleton!
Weight You’ve lost some weight haven’t you.
Weight Are you pregnant one may say? No, just on steroids
Weight Wow I’m surprised your not 7stones the amount of time you spend in the bathroom..:..
Weight “I thought people with your condition were supposed to be thin” (Am a fat crohnie )I was told by an IBD nurse, don’t worry, it will soon go when you have a flare up. Not helpful! I’d rather not have the flare up lol
Weight Is Crohn’s disease something I can catch cause I’d love to lose the weight as fast as you done?
Weight Aren’t you meant to lose weight with Crohns….? My Dr even said I would be skinny if I had it before my diagnosis
Weight You need to stop losing weight now, you look anorexic….
Weight Aren’t you supposed to be thin with crohns (not worth explaining about steroids)
Weight As someone who has never lost weight unless really ill and in hospital- you can’t have Crohn’s you’re not skinny enough.
Weight You’re too big to have a bowel condition.” As if you have to be thin to have one.
Weight You’re too fat to use the toilet that many times a day
You Don’t Look Ill Your the healthiest sick person ive seen !
You Don’t Look Ill You can’t be in that much pain, you don’t act like it
You Don’t Look Ill You look well! My gastro consultant even said this then qualified it by saying well I know things are different on the inside!
You Don’t Look Ill You don’t look ill, my response “you don’t look like an idiot but looks can be deceiving!”

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