IBD Guilt

Please make a note in your calendar for the next #IBDHour TweetChat – 19th October 2017 – 20:00 BST

The recent BottomLine_IBD poll (below) sparked quite a debate. I was surprised at the strength of feelings the subject elicited and some of the responses. Whilst there is a lot of discussion on the physical aspects of IBD it appears, only fairly recently, that the psychological aspects have started to come to the fore.

It therefore seemed like an good subject for a TweetChat to give fellow IBD patients/sufferers a chance to elaborate on their answers and respond to the comments others have made or even to refute the whole idea of IBD related guilt.

Here’s the original poll :

To make best use of the 140 characters you might want to use #IFGA (I feel guilty about) in your responses

T1 – To break the ice please introduce yourself, where you’re from, what your diagnosis was and how long ago #IBDHour (117)

T2 – Have you experienced #IBDGuilt or is it not an emotion you recognise? (We’ll look at specific areas in the next topics) #IBDHour (136)

T3 – If you have experienced #IBDGuilt in family/social/work/education situations what were the circumstances that triggered it? #IBDHour (137)

T4 – Have you ever experienced guilt that you aren’t coping as well with your #IBD as others appear to on Social Media?  #SoMesyndrome (134)

T5 – Do you ever feel guilty (or just frustration) when your #IBD makes you take it easy but there are things that need to be done? #IBDHour (140)

T6 – If you are feeling well and read comments from other patients who are having a rough time do you feel any #IBDGuilt? #IBDHour (131)

T7 – If you do feel #IBDGuilt, overall, has the level increased or decreased over time? Can you explain why? #IBDHour (117)

T8 – Do you have any closing thoughts about #IBDGuilt that you would like to share? #IBDHour (92)

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